Production of Clutch Kits. first began in 1996 by Faravari & Sakht co. At the beginning, by adopting German`s Holz Hoiizer`s technical Knowledge A typical Clutch kits which was then German`s Sachs plan For Paykan  was launched into the market

Due to the significant growth and development of the Company and increasingly market demand for both cost- effective and premium quality productions it was decided to enclose company`s production under license of  French Well known Valeo Corporation. and began to pursue Valeo`s technical knowledge for producing quality Clutch kits.

Paya Clutch sustains the biggest Supply Chain For domestic Car makers in Iran such as Iran Khodro ,SAIPA (Mega Motors), IDEM , Iran Khodro Diesel and Renault Pars. By the way Paya clutch is the first and the sole producer of Tondar L90 (Logan) clutch kits in L90 Project. From the beginning of producing L90 clutch kits, Paya clutch was registered in the list of global suppliers of the Renault Corporation.

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