With the aim of customer demands fulfillment and products continuous improvement, by utilizing reliable measurement, test and control machines and facilities in general and special test of clutch parts, Paya Clutch laboratory has been the most advanced one of light, medium and heavy automotive clutches around the Middle East. Laboratory test equipment of Paya Clutch are in accordance with international class standards and similar to Valeo test equipment. Moreover, as the most advanced clutch laboratory in Iran and accredited laboratory of standard organization, by developing the scope and activities, Paya Clutch laboratory has always been ready to provide all industrial and scientific centers with lab services around Iran and also foreign customers.

The laboratory in the way of development of technical capabilities and capacities, has been rewarded to following certifications, approvals and awards:

  • Certification of  accredited lab of standard organization
  • Certification of IEC 17025
  • Valeo certified lab
  • SAPCO certified lab
  • ITRAC certified lab
  • SAIPA certified lab
  • MEGAMOTOR certified lab
  • Standard Institute certified lab

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Address :   3th St- 2nd  Sanat Blvd- Industrial Zone- Rasht- Guilan Province - Iran
Postal Code :   4337188497

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+98 13-31883285-9

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