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Nowadays, research and development based activities includes direct impact on innovation, effectiveness, quality, standard level of life, marketing and sales rate and other parameters which are effective on improvement of  organization competitiveness.

R&D department of Paya clutch Co. as one of the most active companies in EZAM automotive parts group, having research and development License from Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and as a member of Technical Community of Research and Development Centers, has been rewarded many honors and awards In recent years.

This department relying on 15 years’ experience in research, new product development and innovation based on nowadays world knowledge and localization of technical knowledge of automotive transmission system including clutch cover, clutch disc and clutch bearing assembly through license agreement with Valeo Company, has been capable for all OE and AM development projects in Iran and abroad as well. Some of the strength and highlighted capabilities in software and hardware sections includes:

  1. Skilled experts

Innovative approach and development activities and research projects are all requires skilled stuff as the most important and the key assets of every company. Presence of skilled and active expert which are dominant at related subjects of mechanics and vibration, automotive mechanics and material science in this department has resulted in successful experiences in following fields:

  1. Product design
  2. Product engineering and modification management
  3. System test and validation of clutch
  4. Vehicle test and validation of clutch
  5. Technology management in production, control and validation processes
  6. Knowledge management
  7. Marketing and after sales services


Expert knowledge and professional software in modeling and analysis of mechanisms has made the company capable for providing internal and external automotive companies with engineering services within outlined scope. 

Benchmark room

Benchmarking process from Premier designs of competing companies and implementing reverse engineering methods is one of the common approaches in order to continuous observe of competitors in nowadays competitive market. This process is performed through cooperation of marketing and sales and customer satisfaction departments in a regular manner.

One of the strength of this unit is placing in company site beside production line which makes possible comparing, test and benchmarking major products of pioneer and famous brands of internal and external markets. Benchmark room of Paya clutch was opened in presence of president of EZAM in 2016.

Engineering workshop

One of the basic hardware requirements of research projects and activities on clutch system is to provide assembling and disassembling structures for automotive transmission system in order to comprehensive and technical investigation of clutch parts. This aim will be achievable in engineering workshop of Paya clutch which provides engineering services including control and test of prototype or modified parts, investigation of transmission system condition and performing vehicle tests with regard to clutch system. Therefore, this mission with long time vision of providing technical supports and fabrication of transmission system parts of light and medium vehicles in order to improvement of vehicle performance has been defined and established. Moreover, all activities and around this section is made by R&D and manufacturing engineering experts through implementation of local facilities.


System test and validation of clutch

Definition of test and validation procedure of new products or modified parts is one of design engineering process step which has been localized and standardized at Paya clutch co with the assistance of Valeo technical knowledge within several product development projects with different customers. For this purpose, steps of check, validation and approve for all individual parts and final product has been clarified and documented in the form of Design Validation Plan. This will ensure systematic approach of new product development in quality control, function and durability investigation.


Vehicle test and validation of clutch

R&D department of Paya clutch has a long and illustrious history in executing Joint projects with internal automotive customers. Due to equipping with the most advanced technical test facilities of clutch system around the Middle east and also holding technical courses of automotive transmission system Paya clutch Co is known as the only company which are capable for performing vehicle test of clutch system in Iran.

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